Because a spec is a bunch of promises, and a picture is worth a thousand words.

You can fake your way through most things. We expect potential employers and clients to sift through hundreds of people, to read through our CV's and decide who is best for the job. And most of the time - we have lied in those sheets of paper. So in a spark of brilliance - or just good business sense - my boyfriend suggested that I make this site a workable version of my responsive code. Because I used a base page and code from another source ( v5 - the Responsive HTML5 Master Page by Kyle Schaeffer ) and it was given to the community, it seemed only right that I continue this by showing how I used Kyle's page and gave it steroids, and a make over.
I am one of the first people in South Africa, to have a fully responsive SharePoint 2010 site. The Intranet that went live is, of course, under Client Agreement, so I created SharePoint.Respond to show what it can do. and as Nothing is perfect - you will find the occasional bug. look through the section "How I Did It" and you will see why the bug still exsists, and potential work arounds. This site is optimized for Internet Explorer 9, it works in Chrome and FireFox, but doesn't look as pretty. I am working on this as I continue to finese this site.
I am still in the process of updating and such, and as I am limited to very few web parts It isn't as nice as my local - but it does the trick :)
Thanks to Robert MacLean for the below gif of how the responsiveness of this site works.
Animation of how Responsiveness works